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Mon Nov 29 12:56:18 GMT 2004

Hi again.

The example that you sent isn't my problem. 
My 30 shares are not home shares. They are all created in smb.conf, for 
example, financial, sales, business, etc... For home shares i did what you 
Any sugestion ?


Stéphanas Schaden
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29/11/2004 00:38
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Hello stephanass,
Sunday, November 28, 2004, 11:15:04 PM, you wrote:

scnb> Hi all.

scnb> I installed SAMBA as a PDC domain of my network and everything is 
scnb> ok. But i must to do tree things that i don't know how I do.

scnb> The problems are:

scnb> 1: Today if i want to join a Win2k or WinXP on the SAMBA domain i 
must to 

try to use "add machine script" in smb.conf.

scnb> 2: I don't want that the samba storaged the profiles for each user 
on the 

remove "logon path"  parameter from smb.conf.

scnb> 3: I created 30 shares, all them apointing to folder 

You can use something like

 path = /home/%U
 comment = Home Dir for '%U'

scnb> I search on internet but i don't find a properly document about 

Please, begin to read Samba Documentation. There are many examples of
configuring samba as pdc. You needn`t search on internet, you get all
docs and howtos with samba package.

Also note this question is not for samba-technical but for samba 
(samba-general) list.

Best regards,
 Pavel                            mailto:rpv at

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