xattr performance and Samba4

Bjoern JACKE bjoern at j3e.de
Tue Nov 23 15:14:13 GMT 2004

On 2004-11-23 at 17:41 +1100 tridge at samba.org sent off:
>The results are quite interesting, and show quite a large difference
>between the different Linux filesystems. I haven't tested any
>non-Linux systems that support xattrs yet.

there has been another ACL Test some time ago been made by Andreas 
Grünbacher, this one says that JFS is much better than JFS looks in 
your tests. One of the reasons which might explain it's good ACL/EA 
performance (which can't be seen in your benchmarks ;) ) might be that 
Linux JFS is the JFS2, which was developed for OS/2, where ACLs and 
AEs are excessively used. Also it shows some more details about the 
technical background of the ACL/EA support of the different 
filesystems. Interesting for example: XFS doesn't support many ACLs at 
all, while other filesystems support up to 8k. Another bonus of JFS 
and it's OS/2 history is that it can be made case insensitive, which 
might give us a great performance gain if we rely on that.



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