Teaching winbindd to use uidNumber/gidNumber attributes - continued

Johann Hanne jhml at gmx.net
Thu Nov 18 18:49:32 GMT 2004


once upon a time there was a thread about getting uidNumber and gidNumber from 
an schema-extended Active Directory instead of using an extra database. At 
that time I hacked up winbindd to do it directly, but I got told:

Gerald (Jerry) Carter:
| It's a good idea I think, but....
| Luke Howard already wrote this as an idmpa plugin IIRC.
| Search for xad_oss_plugin or something like that.


Andrew Bartlett
| Basically, we just need to bring that module into samba, and make it ask
| winbindd for the existing LDAP handle to the DC, rather than making it's
| own.  You can see how that's done in the winbindd_ads.c code - that just
| needs to be used from idmap_ad.  It's been on my TODO list for a while,
| but I'm not likely to get to it soon.  Patches (along these lines)
| welcome :-)


This time I did exactly this:

However, this time I was ignored, probably because the subject was badly 
chosen. Please tell me if it's bad again or what I can do to get it 

Cheers, Johann

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