Cannot delete folders from profiles

Danny Paul jdpaul at
Mon Nov 15 20:31:05 GMT 2004

This turned out to be because the server and client times were mismatched. 
I fixed this and everything went fine.

Also, apologies for posting to the wrong group.  Somehow, I posted to
samba.internals when my target was samba.general.

> Hello All,
> I have SAMBA 3.0.7 compiled from source running as a PDC on SuSE 9.1,
> using LDAP as a UNIX and SAMBA backend.  When a user logs out, their
> profile updates fine with no errors, however, folders they deleted from
> their profile remain in their profile on the server.  Any deleted files
> are removed.  The users have rights to their profiles, and if they map a
> dive to the profile share, they can delete folders from their profile just
> fine.

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