SAMBA 3.0.x OpenLDAP - wrong Container for DomainName

schmieder, holger schmieder at
Fri Nov 12 11:25:02 GMT 2004

Hallo all,

i got the following problem an hope someone knows a solution for that

-Installed: 2 Samba server, both with OpenLDAP, replicated by slurpd.
-Managing of objects through LAM
-localSID's and domain SID are all the same.

On the first server the domain ist ready an working. The SambaDomainName ist
stored in the ou=domains,dc=xxx,dc=intra.

After typing in "smbpasswd -w xxx" on second server, a new domain was
created in LDAP with the DN=SambaDomainName=DOM01,dc=xxx,dc=intra

I believe because of that, some things for example usrmgr.exe won't work

Can someone tell me how to tell smbpasswd to use an existing domain with the
SID stored in ou=domains ?

Thanks for every good idea.


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