using multiple network

najeeb najo at
Wed Nov 10 08:59:31 GMT 2004

Hi, brothers, frineds and people

yaar I have some prob with my samba configuration I have some multipale 
networks I have configured samba on one interface when i try from some 
other interface or network it gives me a errot that domain is not 
found. I am runing samba as a PDC on my network with one interface it 
works fine and when I try the other one it doesn't I have changed 
following lines many times in smb.conf

interface= as extra

I have tried this one also 

interface= etho
I have tried this one also 

interface netmask netmask

but none of them works I am really worry about it because I have to 
start my network as soon as possible.

help will be really admireable and thanks in advance if some one will 
take me out from this prob. 

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