Hardware or Samba problem ?

Peter Rosa prosa at pro.sk
Wed Nov 10 07:24:04 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

please, advice me with huge problem using Samba.

When connecting to share, users can do anything. But only until following
message is written into nmbd log:
find_response_record: response packet id 27468 received with no matching
That message appears randomly. I can not determine any dependency on amount
of data transfered, file size, ownership.
After that message all communication is stopped, all users are disconnected,
and this remains until Samba is restarted.

- OS............FreeBSD 4.9
- Samba:......2.2.8
- HDD.........3x180 GB in RAID5
- net-card....2xRealTec RTL8139, Samba only on one of them
- users from Win98, WinXP, Apple OSX 10.2.2 and 10.3.6
- smb.conf:
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY
    os level = 33
    preferred master = No
    local master = No
    domain master = No
    browse list = No
    wins support = No
    client code page = 852
    character set = ISO8859-2
    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 50
    log level = 2

    comment = Default share
    read only = No
    path = /data/share
    valid users = @all_users
    create mask = 777
    directory mask = 777
    force group = 1001
    hide dot files = Yes
    veto files = /.AppleDouble/.AppleDesktop/.Network Trash
    delete veto files = Yes

Any ideas, please?

Peter Rosa

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