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Luke Mewburn luke at
Tue Nov 9 04:19:33 GMT 2004

Who is responsible for the samba-bugs PGP key (F17F9772)?

It could do with being signed by more people in the Web of Trust
so that we can reduce the occurence of:

 gpg: Signature made Mon Nov  8 15:09:14 2004 EST using DSA key ID F17F9772
 gpg: Good signature from "Samba Distribution Verification Key <samba-bugs at>"
 gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with sufficiently trusted signatures!
 gpg:          It is not certain that the signature belongs to the owner.
 Primary key fingerprint: 2FD9 BC31 99F3 AEB0 8D30  2233 A037 FC69 F17F 9772

(I don't think Tridge has signed it yet, for example).

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