Samba4 Posix NTVFS questions

Gémes Géza geza at
Sat Nov 6 19:22:59 GMT 2004

Dear Samba Team!

As a person who is hoping in having Samba4 available as soon as 
possible, I would like to ask a few questions:
IMHO there are two ways to have a working Posix NTVFS:
A) Every file access happening as one user (e.g. samba, or worse root) 
windows acls beeing mapped to extended attributes, containing SIDs. 
Samba4 reading this EAs would decide about the level of access granted 
to client (This method would satisfy what Samba-TNG folks have 
caracterized a CIFS server, which "happen to run on *nix") -less usefull 
B) Each file access is happening, with the uid corresponding to the 
connected users sid. Preferable, but with lots of problems: SID to uid 
mappings (better a centralized one: winbind idmap entries in LDAP, or 
better Posix attributes in Samba4's LDAP server). Storing the NT ACLs 
which cannot be mapped to Posix ones as EAs(?)-more useful, but more 
problemful too.
My question is which one is going to be implemented?


Geza Gemes

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