[linux-cifs-client] panic: internal error

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 3 18:26:52 GMT 2004

Reposting your question to samba-technical mailing list as it appears to 
be a Linux/Samba server not client issue as you describe it.    You might 
try increasing the servers log level or running an ethereal network trace 
- so you can see what the last request sent from the Windows client - 
which would help narrow this down in smbd

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I'm currently having problems with PCs transferring files onto a Linux-box 
(Suse 8.2) with a Samba share (

Whenever some clients under Windows try to copy some files onto the 
Linux-box via a Samba-share it often fails and in the log.smbd errors do 
*                Internal error: signal 11 in pid <pid> (2.2.8a-SuSE)
*                PANIC: Internal error

Does anybody can shed some light on this problem?

BTW, all machines are within the same network and there are no firewalls 
in between.

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