LDAP user delete errors...

Pavel Rochnyack rpv at muma.tusur.ru
Tue Nov 2 16:08:56 GMT 2004

Hello samba-technical,

As proposed to me in this lists, i have downloaded samba-3.0.8pre2.
I have PDC based on samba+openldap. LDAP is storage for Samba and
posix users in my configuration.

I have found the next issue:
After deleting user from domain there is record left in
cn=Domain Users,ou=Groups,...

Where are no code in samba sources to delete user from his groups at
all at ldapsam_delete_sam_accout !

-su-2.05b# net rpc user add tester -U administrator%<...> -S <my pdc>
Added user tester
-su-2.05b# net rpc user delete tester -U administrator%<...> -S <my pdc>
-su-2.05b# slapcat |grep tester
memberUid: tester


hmm... net tool don`t show operation result in samba 3.0.7 when
deleting users... It is fixed now ?

Best regards,
 Pavel Rochnyack                   mailto:rpv at muma.tusur.ru

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