Removing M4 code from the build system

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Mon Nov 1 19:37:39 GMT 2004

Hi Metze, *,

Since the build system already depends on perl, what would you think
about replacing all the current m4 code with perl code ? Basically
that would give us:

 - No different config.{mk,m4} files (just one file)
 - Ability to do our own caching of checks and ability to write
   clearer tests
 - More flexibility (e.g. you could import a pidl module to figure out
   the dependencies of a .idl file)
 - Less hassle when generating the build system and less dependencies.
   The code path would be reduced from :
   		M4 -> shell -> perl -> {makefile, config.h}
		perl -> {makefile,config.h}

Most of the current perl scripts wouldn't need changes ( and, it would mostly involve converting the current M4
files to Perl.

What do you think?



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