Samba with LDAP or Kerberos Backend

Dhruv Soi dhruvs at
Mon May 31 15:14:21 GMT 2004

Hi All,
I have configured LDAP with pam module to authenticate user accounts, where
LDAP is using kerberos database in the backend. Could anyone suggest me how
it is possible with samba. My only requirement is that

1. Samba Passwords should be same as user passwords. And user can change
that by sitting on windows terminal and Samba should not work as PDC.

  a.. Either i can do if theres any option that ldap's lmPassword and
ntPassword should match value in userPassword schema.
  b.. Samba could fetch same userdatabase that ldap is fetching i.e. from
kerberos either using ldap or by its own.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have configured samba with ldap backend but when a user change password he
could not do it for samba and local account in one shot. Either i have to
write script ro whatever but i think any of the above solutions should also

PS: I am fed up by making all sort of Research. Please Help!!!

System Admin
Momentum Technologies

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