vfs_netatalk and osX style resource files?

Marcel Pommer marsellus at t-online.de
Thu May 27 19:21:56 GMT 2004

hello list,

i've been trying to gather information about interoperability between samba
and netatalk, and was not able to find answers in the mailing lists. i have
been left with some questions:

1) netatalk 2.x (and patched 1.6.x) are able to use Mac OS X style resource
files, i.e. in the case of a file called 'Blahfoo': '._Blahfoo' instead of
'.AppleDouble/Blahfoo'. this pretty much eliminates interoperability
problems with Mac OS 9 and X. the persisting problem is that samba does not
honour the apple double files. until vfs_netatalk comes into play. but
then, vfs_netatalk only handles old-style resource files.

2) when a file is moved by a samba client, vfs_netatalk simply unlinks the
resource file. why is this?

i have done a patch which uses OS X style resource files instead
of .AppleDouble/ files and successfully moves the resource files whenever a
data file is moved and a resource file exists. it is very simple by now and
neither checks for both styles of resource files nor is it configurable.
i have not had any problems in tests, but the fact that the vfs module
didn't do this by now, and still does not do it in subversion repository,
worries me. any explanations for this?


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