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Wed May 26 16:00:09 GMT 2004

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 08:46:30PM +0530, Sudhir wrote:
> Hi,
> there are several ways for this:
> a) look in freshmeat for linpopup , lazapop, (you can look on 
> , but its german)
> b) Samba can run any programm when it gets such a message
> message command (G)
>               This specifies what command to run when the  server
>               receives a WinPopup style message.
> can u explain <b> in more details.....i'm confused with message
> command......i need to receive message from win machine to 
> linux.....from linux i can send uising smbclient -M but how to receive 
> in LINUX from win.....

message command = \
  mail -s "Message from %f on %m to [%U|%u]" user at localhost < %s; rm %s

The above line will cause Samba to generate a temporary file (indicated by 
%s) which will then be mailed to user at localhost.  See smb.conf(5) for the 
meanings of %f, %m, %U and %u.

> reply soon...waiting

Replies from this list are dependent upon people's ability and willingness
to respond, and their moods.  Also, this really is a question for the
samba at list.  The samba-technical list is for questions about the
internals of MS-RPC exchanges, bitfield interpretation, code tweaking, and

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