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Wed May 26 09:10:25 GMT 2004

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Hy Jerry,

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 00:12, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> If this behavior is not acceptable for your production environment
> you can set 'wide links = no' in the specific share declaration in

We're  using the combination of wide links = no / follow symlinks = yes for a 

This is not working correctly, if the symbolic links point to other 
directories than the current directory (e.g. links created like 
that: ln -s ../file linktofile).

Please take a look at bugzilla 1188, there is a small patch to fix this.

There is another problem, if the root path of the share (the directory
specified by the path directive in smb.conf) itself contains symlinks.
For example: our [homes]-Section looks like this:

   path = /home/%S
   directory mask = 0750
   readonly = no

/home/mark is a symbolik link (created by am-utils automounter) 
to /net/hostname/home/mark. The code in vfs.c does not handle
this situation: vfs_GetWd returns /net/hostname/home/mark/ 
which is saved to the Variable realdir. The variable cleanlink contains
the path to the link, starting with /home/mark and strncmp fails.

This second problem is not fixed by the small patch in 1188.

Mark Proehl

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