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Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Sun May 23 07:59:36 GMT 2004

Hi there.

Is there somewhere some description of the content and purpose of each
of the files in the lockdir (/var/samba/lock in this development

Specifically, I'm right now interested in what unexpected.tdb should
be, since it does not exist, but smbclient tries to open it many
times.  But I'd like to be better aware on the purpose of the other
files - I have the following:

account_policy.tdb      locking.tdb             registry.tdb
brlock.tdb              messages.tdb            sessionid.tdb
browse.dat              ntdrivers.tdb           share_info.tdb
connections.tdb         ntforms.tdb             wins.dat
gencache.tdb            ntprinters.tdb
group_mapping.tdb       printing/

  -- Tom

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