winbindd trying to find nt group name in unix group database

Jerome Borsboom j.borsboom at
Wed May 19 12:53:55 GMT 2004

In the function winbindd_sid_to_gid the following code is used:

/* now fall back to the hard way */

if ( !winbindd_lookup_name_by_sid(&sid, domain_name, group, &type) )

if ( !(grp = getgrnam(group)) ) {
	DEBUG(0,("winbindd_sid_to_uid: 'winbind trusted domains only' is "
		"set but this group [%s] doesn't exist!\n", group));

winbindd_lookup_name_by_sid returns in 'group' the nt name of 
the group corresponding to 'sid'. However, to obtain the unix 
gid of this group, it is looked up through getgrnam. Unless the 
name of the nt and unix group names are the same, this will 
fail. It seems that there should be an additional translation 
step translating the nt group name into the unix group name.

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