[PATCH] add "net ads groupmember" functionality

David Wojtowicz davidw at uiuc.edu
Wed May 12 15:11:54 GMT 2004

I wasn't happy about patterning it after the RAP interface either, but I was
the closest interface I found to copy.  I missed  "rpc group addmem" because
it doesn't appear to be documented in any of the usage texts, except the one
you get if you misuse that command...one has to look in the code to find it
and I wasn't interested in RPC at the time, so I hadn't thought to look at
it's source code.

I'd be happy to rework it to pattern it after the "net rpc group" command.

I could add the documentation to the RPC usage texts at the same time if you
want.  Also, it appears that the usage text for "net groupmap addmem" says
"addmember" instead of "addmem".

David Wojtowicz, Sr. Research Programmer
Dept of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois
davidw at uiuc.edu (217) 333-8390

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To: "David Wojtowicz" <davidw at uiuc.edu>
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Subject: Re: [PATCH] add "net ads groupmember" functionality

> Hello, David!
> On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 09:05:12AM -0500, David Wojtowicz wrote:
> > I was looking for a way to list/add/delete users in/to/from ADS groups
> > the "net" command.   Having found that functionality missing, I'm
> > contributing a patch to do so.  It is patterned after the "net rap
> > groupmember" function and adds the following functions for ADS.
> Thanks a lot for looking at this.
> However...
> There is already 'net rpc group addmem' etc. As the RAP interface is
> deprecated, I would much rather like to see the user interface modeled
> the 'net rpc group' command.
> What do you think?
> Volker

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