Teaching winbindd to use uidNumber/gidNumber attributes

Johann Hanne jonny at nurfuerspam.de
Tue May 11 16:10:43 GMT 2004

Hi Jerry,

thanks for the hint. All "documentation" on xad I was able to find is 
http://www.netsys.com/pamldap/2003/08/msg00008.html .

The bottom line is:
  idmap backend = ad:ldap://someserver/

So it looks like I will still have to specify an single LDAP server. I'd 
prefer to let winbind choose the server, for simplicity and redundancy (there 
is more than one AD domain contoller) reasons. If this is not possible with 
xad, is there chance to get "my way" in, or do you insist on implementing it 
as an idmap backend?

I'm CC'ing this to Luke Howard, maybe he can also comment on it...

Cheers, Johann

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 21:10, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Johann Hanne wrote:
> | The idea behind it is that if you have an Active Directory
> | infrastructure, it's much smarter to store Unix attributes
> | with the AD user objects than using the idmap stuff
> ....
> It's a good idea I think, but....
> Luke Howard already wrote this as an idmpa plugin IIRC.
> Search for xad_oss_plugin or something like that.
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> cheers, jerry
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