modifyTimestamp on samba-3.0.3

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu May 6 11:27:32 GMT 2004

>We cannot remove the \"modifyTimestamop\" from atrrib_map_v30[], because
>attribute list will be used in ldapsam_getsampwnam to get the ldap entry
>which is used in init_sam_from_ldap. If an attribute is not in that entry,

>the call ldap_get_values will fail. This is why the bad_password_count
>work on 3.0.3, in which the ldapsam_get_entry_timestamp will always fail.
I haven't yet verified that this is the source of your problems, but the
patch you included breaks all systems where you don't have "ldap delete dn
= yes", because we will try to delete all the attributes rather than the
entire dn, and you can _never_ delete an operation attribute.

This patch as submitted must not be included until the code is modified to
handle not deleting certain attributes.

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