winbind mappings

Bruno Antunes bantunes at
Thu May 6 11:34:15 GMT 2004


My setup is : two PDCs running W2K Advanced Server.

Want to : auth on the local linux workstation.

Why : the PCs where this is wanted dual-boot Windows and I would like
all accounts to be on the PDCs.

Is there any way to specify the mapping that winbind makes? I want,
for example, to have my Windows account i29999 to have a Linux uid of 
29999. The account numbers are not sequential (meaning, 29997 exists 
but 29998 may not). 

My concern is that winbind starts attributing uid's at 10000 and
that if I resolve i29999 on machine1 it gets uid 10000 and if I resolve
i29997 first on machine2 it gets uid 10000 too. I would like to avoid
this. Can i "force" mappings? If so, a script would do it...

 Thanks for your time!


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