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Thu May 6 01:40:31 GMT 2004


I have a question about security on a SAMBA mapped share.

We currently have a AIX 5.1 running SAMBA.  We have a mapped a drive from
the AIX 5.1 system to a Windows 2000 server.   The Windows 2000 server is a
Windows 2000 server Service Pack 2.

We have discovered that folder security set on the AIX 5.1 folder is not
being passed to the Windows 2000 server when the folder is shared.  It is
causing all kinds of security issues.  What can we do to correct this
problem?  Or can we correct it.  We have thought about just changing the
share via our windows view but want to know why the security is not being
passed to the windows system.

One more question - when running batch FTP  jobs on a MAINFRAME to the
SAMBA share we encounter a 3454 return code but can run the job again
within a few minutes and it works.  We have actually had our programmers
code in two steps one that we can almost guarantee will fail followed by
one that will work.  Have you ever heard of this happening?  And if so what
could be causing it...

Debbie Reed

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