Kerberos case sensitive with Mac OS X on Samba 3.0.x

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Wed May 5 17:39:38 GMT 2004

Hi List,

	I'm having an issue between Samba and OS X with regards to Kerberos authentication to a Samba AD member server.
I'm using local UNIX accounts and entries in the passdb instead of Windind on the samba server, ie create account by adding
to /etc/passwd then smbpasswd -a username. From an OS X client system if I obtain a ticket for user "UserA" like
kinit UserA at KERBEROS.REALM then when I run klist I see the default principal remebers the case I used to obtain the ticket.
Now when I try and access my Samba member server I successfully recieve a ticket for the Samba server and am able to access
the server as expected.
However if I then try kinit usera at KERBEROS.REALM (username is wrong case) I again successfully recieve my TGT but with
the default principal listed in lower case and when I try and access the Samba server I get this error "could not connect to server 
because user or password was incorrect". This is a big problem because when using the Apple AD plugin for authentication it 
always requested the ticket with a lower case username! Also this problem does not affect Kerberos authentiction to a Windows 
member server only Samba.
Can anyone shed any light on this, whose fault is it? Samba or Apple?

		thanks Andy Smith.

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