Windows and NTLM authentication

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Mon May 3 15:54:35 GMT 2004

Hi there.


* When doing NTLM authentication, why is the challenge seen on the
  network (sniffing/dump with Ethereal) different than the challenge
  written to the log, and provided to the auth module as

Also, not really a Samba question, but more about Windows:

* By default, when connecting to a share, Windows (XP) tries the login
  (desktop session) username and password first in many variations,
  and then given the password, it also tries many things.  Is there a
  way to configure a Windows machine to (1) not to try any default
  usernames and passwords, so if there's no connection to the server
  already (and Remember Password wasn't selected), ask the user for a
  username and password before trying anything, and (2) not try all
  kinds of variations on the username and password
  (uppercase/lowercase/Unicode/etc.), but only pass it to the server
  verbatim in the entered form (and fail if that doesn't work)?

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  -- Tom

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