Added OS/2 EA's to smbd

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Mar 31 02:29:18 GMT 2004

Hi all,

	I just checked in support for OS/2 style extended attributes
mapped onto Linux-style EA's in smbd (or any UNIX that supports the
POSIX-style EA vfs calls).

It's interesting, I've been exploring their use on W2K3. You can
set them over the wire, but there are not Win32 API's to get at
them at all (I guess they were only ever used by the OS/2 subsystem).

If you create a file with EA's on a NTFS filesystem and then copy it
onto the smbd filesystem the EA's don't get copied by the "copy"
command, or by an explorer copy, so I'm guessing they're completely
ignored by Win32.

Still, Conrad and other filesystem developers may find this very
useful, as it allows Apple resource forks to be stored as metadata
on an smbd mounted drive.

Have fun - let me know if you break it (it passes all valgrind tests

Turn it on by setting "ea support = yes" in the share or global
section of the smb.conf.


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