print_cups complex versus plain job name

daniel.jarboe at daniel.jarboe at
Tue Mar 30 21:15:44 GMT 2004

> > in with the .0.1 pre or rc (forget which), I just changed our (CUPS)
> > postscript banner to cut off everything up to the first space in
> > {job-name} if that {job-name} started with "smbprn."; if you need me
> > to look up however I did this in postscript, I can.
> Please do so. I would like to argue to include this to SuSE's CUPS
> package by default.

After volunteering that, I looked at how I had done it and almost wish I hadn't.  Oh well, I'm not familiar with postscriptisms, but found at least that there was a getinterval function that operated on interval length, start index, and string from the stack.  Some postscript aficionado will no doubt find a much cleaner solution.

The short version assumes that your Samba prefix is always going to be something like "smbprn." followed by 8 characters, a space, and the real job title.  If it matches this pattern then the first 16 characters are stripped.

({job-name}) length 16 gt	% "smbprn.???????? "
 {({job-name}) 0 7 getinterval (smbprn.) eq
  ({job-name}) 15 1 getinterval ( ) eq and
   { /Title ({job-name}) 16 ({job-name}) length 16 sub getinterval def }
   { /Title ({job-name}) def }
   ifelse }
 { /Title ({job-name}) def }

Now instead of "({job-name}) show" you should do a "Title show", which works for jobs with or without the samba prefix.

The longer version involves a loop that basically does a strnchr to find the first space after "smbprn." instead of assuming 8 chars, but I think it's overkill.

~ Daniel


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