Samba in a high availablity enviroment

daniel.jarboe at daniel.jarboe at
Tue Mar 30 14:57:59 GMT 2004

On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 9:34 AM, Mathew McKernan wrote:
> I had to configure a similar thing at my workplace.
> I found netbios name was more useful, as we never had samba running on
> both servers at once. We stored the private, var and lib directories
> the RAID and made sure samba was compiled with the correct paths
> pointing at the RAID mount point. With that done, we had many
> failovers (nearly all of them forced by me for testing). One day it
> swapped over and no one noticed, we only knew as an email was sent by
> the linux-ha software to the engineer's email account.

We'd like to be able to have the second one up for testing new drivers
and clients and such.  Then, when we know everything is kosher, cut
everyone over, and then update the original server to match the new one
everyone has cut over to.  Next time, we'd do the same thing, just the
other way.

Right now we have two servers each with their own netbios names, and
then a third ip.  Problem is, print clients are using the third ip (or
possibly netbios when netbios alias is configured) to get there, and
then using something else (either host of eth0 or real netbios, not
sure), to stay there.  Even adding the netbios alias that matches the
hostname of the third ip doesn't seem to be doing enough.  Maybe it's an
additional matter of having a real netbios name with its own sid in both
secrets.tdb's, and changing the server's netbios name in smb.conf when
we add the additional interface?  I don't know, from the man pages it
seemed the alias should work well enough just by itself, but it just
doesn't appear to.

~ Daniel


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