Buffer limit on server listings.

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Mar 30 07:11:04 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel said:
>> Over the wire, Windows XP still uses
>> the RAP calls to implement the NetServerEnum API call.
> Geez I *hate* the way Microsoft names things.
> On MSDN there's a reference to a NetServerEnum() API function call.
> At the RAP level, however, the NetServerEnum() function is a *depricated*
> RAP call that was used with the old LANMAN 2.x browsing system (or
> earlier).
> The NetServerEnum() API function in the MSDN documentation actually calls
> the NetServerEnun2() RAP function.  Urg!

Well it's always going to be called NetServerEnum for binary
compatibility. Wheather it's implemented using a RAP function by the same
name (or one very similar) or an RPC should be completely hidden from the


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