User must change password flag stuck

William Marshall bmarsh at
Mon Mar 29 23:25:01 GMT 2004

I've created some new users on samba 3.0.2a using the idealx tools with an 
LDAP backend and the "user must change password at next logon" seems stuck 
on in user manager. You can set the flag using user manager, but you can't 
clear it. 

When the flasg is set, the sambaPwdMustChange: value in LDAP is set to 0. 
This is not changed if you uncheck the value in user manger.

Also the behavior of "net user /doman TESTID" is different against an NT 4 
domain and against Samba 3. On NT 4, if you are required to change the 
password at next logon, the "Password last set" time will always be the 
current time. Under samba is stays at the last changed time, so there is 
no indicator that the password change is required.

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