Buffer limit on server listings.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Mar 27 21:30:08 GMT 2004

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Christopher R. Hertel said:
> > I have *not* heard of NetServerEnum3(), and when I google for it the top
> > reference is jCIFS code.  I would love to see some doco or, better, a
> > trace.  This would be a nifty thing to add to my browse service
> > documentation (as an annotation).
> See the jCIFS mailing list for dialog between myself and Gary Rambo on
> March 15, 2004.
> "NetServerEnum3 turned up in a network trace between an XP client and a
> W2K or W2K3 PDC and appears to solve the 64K server list limit problem..."
> He attached a patch for jCIFS as well. Provided it fails over nicely with
> Win95/98/ME I suspect it will be included RSN.

I found that one.  Did Ethereal parse it correctly?

> > I have also never heard of a NetrServerEnum() RPC call, and googling turns
> > up nothing.  Can you point me at any documentation?
> I just made the name up. I just mean the NetServerEnum RPC.

Thing is, I'm not aware of an RPC that does this.  Not saying there isn't
one (I mean, geez, there's an RPC for just about everything including
scratching your armpits).  Have you seen such a beast in the wild?

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