Buffer limit on server listings.

Rakesh Patel rapatel at optonline.net
Fri Mar 26 20:58:02 GMT 2004

When using smbclient -L to list servers from a browse master, the list
returned is not complete. Using "net view" under XP will return the full
listing for large domains, however smbclient does not properly handle
partial results as expected by the Windows environment.

I was mainly drawn to this issue while using xsmbrowser to attempt
to browse a very large NT 4.0 network after working on minor changes
to support using  the -k option for smbclient to support using kerberos
credentials in a test environment.

I looked at the code and attempted to utilize cli_receive_trans to cause
the next packet to be sent by the Windows browse master, but unfortunately
it simply errors out.  Adjusting buffer sizes seems to be a futile attempt,
as the packet is complete and processed properly, however there are no
examples of code  in 3.0.2rc1 that check for a result code of ERRmoredata
and actually processing the next data to be sent.  Attempting to use
cli_receive_trans and cli_send_trans proved futile.

This seems to be something which should not be difficult to fix,
however being new to the Samba source (other than the Kerberos
patch which has to be redone), I haven't been able to find out
how to address the problem.

Rakesh Patel

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