msdfs redirects based on client ip

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at
Fri Mar 26 18:39:53 GMT 2004

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" wrote:
> | We did something using a VFS module that
> | did something similar would that not work in this case too
> | ? I'd hate to suddenly find one of my directories
> | was not available due to an @ symbol in the name ...
> The @ only counts in the link.  Not the masqueraded name.

ah, I meant:

msdfs:server1\some\long\path\098098 at 09808\doo\0890980 at 09808\bah

but then I looked again and spotted it must match 'msdfs:@' as a
prefix. Although I'm not sure that's what the code assumes as it does
a strchr rather than check the first character, so it's not matching
the specified pattern, but something looser.

i.e. the text says the first character after the : is @ then the file
to search in then another @ then the rest of the path. but the code
uses two strchr() calls which means it could skip anything between the
: and the first @ 


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