ads_cached_connection() in winbindd_ads.c: tickets expired?

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Mon Mar 22 05:56:52 GMT 2004

Have a look at the endtime field of krb5_creds - that's what we use to
figure out when to refresh credentials. Not sure whether this is a
Heimdal-ism though.

typedef struct krb5_times {
  krb5_timestamp authtime;
  krb5_timestamp starttime;
  krb5_timestamp endtime;
  krb5_timestamp renew_till;
} krb5_times;

typedef struct krb5_creds {
    krb5_principal client;
    krb5_principal server;
    krb5_keyblock session;
    krb5_times times;
    krb5_data ticket;
    krb5_data second_ticket;
    krb5_authdata authdata;
    krb5_addresses addresses;
    krb5_ticket_flags flags;
} krb5_creds;

-- Luke

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