ads_cached_connection() in winbindd_ads.c: tickets expired?

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Mon Mar 22 03:37:01 GMT 2004

Ok, before I dig too far in this (which either takes 10 hours at a shot to
reproduce it or I figure a way to make win2k give us short-lived tickets),
I'd like a sanity check.  It appears to me that the tremendous performance
gain of caching the connection via ads_cached_connection() in
winbindd_ads.c comes with a price:  after the tickets expire, the cached
connection is worthless.  It seems we need to periodically refresh this
connection, no?  Maybe we need a timestamp and perhaps we can get ticket
life info out of kerberos when we acquire the tickets?

Or am I totally missing something here?  I've got a customer who is needing
to restart winbindd every 10 hours, as the tickets expire...seems like we
would have had complaints about this already, which is why I'm wondering if
it's a setup issue.

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