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ankur mattoo coolpal53 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 11:35:57 GMT 2004

im using samba-3.0.1 and have configured it with acl
im working on a linux-2.4.23 kernel with eattr patch 
and all acl related commds work perfectly fine
eg: setfacl getfacl

but while tracing the samba code i met with 
an error:

  set_canon_ace_list: sys_acl_set_file type file
failed for file etc/ankur3 (Operation not permitted).
[2004/03/19 17:03:01, 3]
  set_nt_acl: failed to set file acl on file
etc/ankur3 (Operation not permitted).
[2004/03/19 17:03:01, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(94)
  error string = Operation not permitted
I am programming something in samba and gotta get this
Any help pleeesse

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