problem with open.c

ankur mattoo coolpal53 at
Thu Mar 18 06:22:43 GMT 2004

im currently working on a kernel project for which i
also  need to do some changes in the samba code ..
Well im sharing a directory
eg: /etc/ in smb.conf and when im accessing
it(/etc/ankur) through a windows NT client the file 
descriptor returned is -1.
I figured this out through the logged information.
Whereas whenever a directory is opened the descritor
is returned as the positive value.
I traced back the functions and found it is fd_open in
the file  samba/source/smbd/open.c
Now i need to get the file descriptor to get one of my
functions working ,
Can anyone help me out with this.
What could be the problem...
BTW im logged in as root.


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