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Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Thu Mar 11 17:23:40 GMT 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:

> Hi Steven,
> "Steven McClellan" <steve at> writes:
> > I should've opened the libsmbclient.h file to see that the extern
> > "C" was missing for the function prototypes.  I guess that the next
> > question should be whether the samba developers can add this to the
> > libsmbclient.h file so that I don't have to maintain a separate one
> > with my modifications.
> Strictly speaking it doesn't belong there.  Why should a C header file
> care about C++?  Try using
>  extern "C" {
>  #include "smbclient.h"
>  }
> in your C++ code. 

While I guess this is true, I notice that some include files do the right 
thing, so maybe we should as well.

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