client name in log file names

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Thu Mar 11 13:40:23 GMT 2004

Hi there.
Not much of a technical thing - I haven't looked yet in the source
what it would mean to do this, but:

We use the following in an smb.conf to have the log file per client:


that substitutes for the NetBIOS name, and if that is not available,
then it substitutes for the IP address.

Two problems with this are that we have some machines
(mis-configured/installed, but that's not in our control) who use a
different NetBIOS name than their DNS name, so the NetBIOS name tells
us very little (sometimes it's the random name given on install), and
that often we have two log files for a machine - one with the IP
address, and one with the NetBIOS name, each containing only part of
the logging.

Is there a way to have Samba write the logs into files with a suffix
which is determined by the client's DNS name (have samba do a lookup
by gethostbyaddr on the IP address)?  That would solve both

  -- Tom

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