Samba-CVS and print-parameter

SATOH Fumiyasu fumiya at
Thu Mar 11 05:39:31 GMT 2004

At Wed, 10 Mar 2004 19:26:35 +0100,
Torsten wrote:
> We have downloaded the current CVS-Sources from SAMBA_3_0 and looked at 
> some of the fixes as we come across some bugs with version 3.0.2a.
> So we mainly would like to give some feedback, as we have discovered a 
> new problem:
> Using Solaris 8 on UltraSparc,problem we came across the problem that we 
> cannot set global print parameters. The parameter "print command" is 
> ignored and we ended up not being able to print at all. The function 
> "lp_printcommand(sum)" in in "source/printing/pring_generic.c" just 
> returned a NULL-String.
> However, when setting the "print command" on a per share base, it did work.
> So I am not sure if the problem is in "source/printing/printing.c" or in 
>   "source/param/loadparm.c". These two files have been modified 
> concerning print-parameters a week ago, but I could not figure out the 
> problem.

This problem is (probably) related with Bug 761:

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