Samba-CVS and print-parameter

Torsten tkali at
Wed Mar 10 18:26:35 GMT 2004

Hello List!

We have downloaded the current CVS-Sources from SAMBA_3_0 and looked at 
some of the fixes as we come across some bugs with version 3.0.2a.
So we mainly would like to give some feedback, as we have discovered a 
new problem:

Using Solaris 8 on UltraSparc,problem we came across the problem that we 
cannot set global print parameters. The parameter "print command" is 
ignored and we ended up not being able to print at all. The function 
"lp_printcommand(sum)" in in "source/printing/pring_generic.c" just 
returned a NULL-String.

However, when setting the "print command" on a per share base, it did work.

So I am not sure if the problem is in "source/printing/printing.c" or in 
  "source/param/loadparm.c". These two files have been modified 
concerning print-parameters a week ago, but I could not figure out the 

OK, I hope this helps.

-- Torsten.

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