i18n question.

Shiro Yamada shiro at miraclelinux.com
Wed Mar 10 01:29:14 GMT 2004

Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 01:03:51PM -0800, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>>>(modify?) the conversion table of iconv(). Unfortunately only glibc
>>>>2.3.3 or later, or patched GNU libiconv are satisfied with Samba 3.0.
>>>>This means currently I have to say "Samba 3.0 cannot work correctly in
>>>>Japanese environment for business use".
>>>Note that it is not a fault of Samba but rather iconv(3) long standing
>>>problem which bites every other application which utilizes it as well.
>>>Of course, we might add specific CP932 table as charset module to bypass
>>>relation on system iconv support and you are welcome to introduce it to
>>>Samba CVS HEAD.
>>This is a very good point. If you can't get it fixed in glibc iconv
>>at least we can fix it for you in Samba.
> Clarification: there is existing patch for glibc 2.2 and libiconv which
> already fixes the problem. It is unfortunately not included into upstream
> but some vendors ship it for more than 6 months already -- and I should
> admit our Japanese customers report no problems with it.

Further clarifications; the glibc patch is taken in to the upstream, it is
there in the CVS server. The latest official release of glibc, however,
was before the patch submission, so we must wait for the next release or
live with the patched glibc package some vendors provide.

The real problem is libiconv, where I have had no response from its
maintainer. As you may be aware of, glibc is not available on every platform,
meaning that unless libiconv supports this patch, Samba could not serve
true cross platform Japanese support.

>>We definately want you to be able to say "Samba 3.0 works correctly in a
>>Japanese environment for business use".
> It does. It just more than Samba in some cases where solution lies.
> Monyo, you might be interested in how to get gconv module converted into
> Samba's charset module. Look at existing modules I've converted from glibc
> 2.3 and appropriate scripts available in source/scripts/ in Samba 3.0.

Thanx for your reference. I'll have a look at them too.

Shiro Yamada
shiro at miraclelinux.com

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