ClearCase/SAMBA- help required

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Thanks for replying quickly

Users are having reading files from samba. ( w2k clients, vobs on unix solaris servers )

This is Rational Technical support suggestions with the issue. 
Problem Files with apparently correct permissions cannot be accessed in an IBM Rational ClearCase VOB in an interoperation environment using Samba. The error message is:

view_server.exe(156): Error: Unable to construct cleartext for object "0x444" in VOB "myhost:/vobs/myvob.vbs": error detected by ClearCase subsystem

view_server.exe(156): Error: Type manager "text_file_delta" failed construct_version operation. Cause Samba's MAX_OPEN_FILES parameter may be set too low. Solution Use Samba's SWAT administration tool to reset the MAX_OPEN_FILES parameter to a higher value. This parameter can be accessed with the Globals > Advanced View. Check if this resolves the problem. 

But max_open_files is set 10,000k , is true that's you can change it on fly (witnout recompiling ))

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Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 wrote:

| We have seen similar errors that you mentioned in the link last week 
| Our configuration is samba-2.2.8a on solaris8 64bit with clearcase5  ( 
| samba is on 64bit compiled ) Clients are w2k.
| I noticed smb.conf parameter by default has max_open_files set 10,000 
| ( under advanced options, in swat glabol )
| This is not yet fixed and puzzles me.
| Techinal team and Rubiola , please let me know if you guys suggest any 
| thing or found anything on this.

Strange.  I can confirm that 2.2.8a supports windows
clearcase clients well (as far as I know).  We (not me though) use it in our group at HP.

What exactly is the problem again ?  I read the links but if you could summarize that would help.

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cheers, jerry
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