ld and libsmbclient

Steven McClellan steve at mcclellan.org
Mon Mar 8 17:09:07 GMT 2004

I originally posted this email to the samba at lists.samba.org but was told
that I should probably post it here because I did not receive a response.
I am having some difficulty making ld resolve the functions in the
libsmbclient.so when linking.  I am using samba 3.0.2a on a fully patched
red hat 9 system and the shared library is being built ok.  There must be
something wrong with the shared library installation.  Could somebody please
walk me through all of the steps necessary for getting the library installed
correctly.  The make install only copied the libsmbclient.so.
I have added the path to libsmbclient.so in the ld.so.conf file and run
ldconfig.  I have also verified that the libsmbclient.so is in the
ld.so.cache by doing a ldconfig -p.  Everything looks good but ld cannot
resolve the smbc_init function (or any other function from the library).  If
I remove the the library path for libsmbclient and then run ldconfig again,
ld will produce another error message saying that it can't find the library
instead of saying that it can't resolve the function.
I suspect that there is a dependent library or some other similar problem
but I can't figure it out.  I would run ldd on the executable to check for
missing libraries but since I can't link and get an executable file, I'm
stuck.  I have tried several different versions of samba, all with the same
result so I must be missing something.

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