i18n question.

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at dd.iij4u.or.jp
Sun Mar 7 13:33:30 GMT 2004

Dear Michael,

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael B Allen <mba2000 at ioplex.com> writes:
>> Some WorkStation, like Sony NeWS and several others, as well as
>> Japanese specific version of popular OS, identify character with
>> 0x80 bit on, as EUC or CP932.
>> They check for validness of given string as EUC, or CP932.
>> Unfortunately UTF-8 do not pass this test for most cases.
>> But user still need to use these OS, and can not move to other OS.
>> Hence, they need FS charset to be what the OS support. Not UTF-8.
Michael> I do not understand this. Are you speaking of clients? Why would using UTF-8 internally to
Michael> Samba (the server) have any effect on the client?


It is Server. It is unix OS which runs Samba.

I found that many, yes really many of you who writes to this ML,
have assumption that "Japanese have not changed a thing of Kernel in

You are wrong. We have been using unix even before POSIX starts,
and what's worse, just like unix is tuned to ASCII, we added code to
unix kernel so that it checks for validness of EUC, or CP932, in

They check for EUC, they check for CP932, WITHIN KERNEL.
So, even if we replace Library, those function will not go away.
And those machines/OS are still under work.

Because they are old machines, they will not have update also.
Kenichi Okuyama

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