i18n question.

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at home.monyo.com
Sun Mar 7 05:11:47 GMT 2004

> Are you saying that UTF-8 does not encode all the Japanese glyphs that 
> Japanese people want to use?

|Does the failure to encode that Japanese glyph in UTF8 matter?  Ie, even
|if we chose different internal and unix charsets, would we be able to
|deal with that character on the wire, where UTF16 is the only available

*want* is ambigious...

Directly UTF-8 can encode all the Japanese scripts that is
currently available on Windows platform.

Also Samba can support all Japanese scripts with UTF-8.

My point is that even if Samba can  support all Japanese scripts with
UTF-8, we cannot migrate to UTF-8 soon because of lots of legacy
application and systems that can recognize only legacy charsets.

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