i18n question.

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at dd.iij4u.or.jp
Sun Mar 7 03:48:17 GMT 2004

Dear Andrew,

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> writes:
>> So you're claiming you cannot map these to Unicode? If so, then you cannot
>> use Windows fireservers with Unicode? Do you run entierly in a SHIFT-JIS,
>> EUC-JP, or CP932 locale?
Andrew> More seriously - if these character sets are not 'compatible' with
Andrew> unicode, then the game is up.  There is no solution, as the on-wire
Andrew> character set is UTF16.

Word "compatible" have two meaning. Bi-directional mapping is
possible, or we can simply map CP932 to Unicode.

Also, we're using word CP932 as if it is single charset. But no.
CP932 have dialects ( blame M$ about this fact. ).

1) "One by One bi-directional mapping is possible":
	No that not possible between Unicode and CP932.

2) "Any Dialect of CP932 can be mapped to Unicode":
	Yes that's possible.
   "We can tell which Dialect we are using":
	No, that's problem.
   "Do people take risk about conversion?":
	Not as long as they know they can servive without it.

The story would be easy if game is up. Since People are obaying M$,
they simply move more easily to Unicode (^o^).

best regards,
Kenichi Okuyama

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