Cross compiling for ppc

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sat Mar 6 17:04:24 GMT 2004


Dunno.  I don't think that many of us have access to PPC systems,
particularly ones that would need cross-compiling.  That is, if there is a
PPC system in our midsts we're likely to compile on the system itself (as
Apple probably do).

I took a quick look at your website and I'm guessing that you're trying to
compile for an embedded system.  Cool.  :)  I can't promise anything (since
I'm so swamped myself that I haven't had time to test my last set of
[uncommitted] fixes yet...bad) but if you can figure out the best way to do
this and give us some feedback it might help.

Chris -)-----
PS.  I'm working on some simple tools to fiddle the NBT layer.  It would be
fun to have feedback on those as well.  Let me know if'n you've got some
(If you're half as busy as I am then I'm twice as busy as you, I s'pose.)

Jon Masters wrote:
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> Hi there,
> What is the current advice on cross building for ppc? Last time I tried
> this the configure scripts were still trying to do fairly braindead
> things in running TARGET binaries on the HOST doing the configure and
> therefore failing somewhat unfortunately.
> I am considering using Scratchbox to do the build unless someone tells
> me that this should all just work now.
> Jon.
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