Unexpected 32-bit uid limitation in Samba on SuSE

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 5 15:31:39 GMT 2004

    Two of my colleagues just hit a Samba smbmount problem on
SuSE Linux, where uids above 2^32 were folded to smaller
    This occurred on SuSE Enterprise 1.0, aka SuSe 8.
It is reputedly fixed in SuSE 9, and we wonder if
the change was passed back to the Samba team?

    It I initially thought  it was a samba configure
issue, but the  configure code carefully leaves it
to the system to define the uid type in sys/types.h,
and defines it as int only if there is no definition...
     And that appears to be what happens: my SuSE Enterprise
system (Sun Java Desktop 1.0, to be precise) doesn't
have a sys/types.h at all!
    find | grep says the only definition of uid_t
is in /usr/include/mozilla-1.4

    Have you heard of this before, and is there an appropriate
samba-side test that would solve this apparent SuSE < 9 bug?

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