sambaDomainName under ldap suffix?

Andreas andreas at
Wed Mar 3 21:29:38 GMT 2004

I noticed that the sambaDomainName entry is placed under
ldap suffix. Since there is no "ldap people suffix" parameter,
I usually set:

ldap suffix = ou=people,o=company,c=br
ldap idmap suffix = ou=idmap,o=company,c=br
ldap group suffix = ou=groups,o=company,c=br
ldap machine suffix = ou=machines,o=company,c=br

This makes the sambaDomainName entry appear under ou=people, is
that intentional? Shouldn't it perhaps get its own organizationalUnit?
Or use something like:

ldap suffix = ou=mydomain,o=company,c=br (makes sambaDomainNam show up here)
ldap people suffix = ou=people,ou=mydomain,o=company,c=br <- does not exist AFAIK
ldap group suffix = ou=groups,...
ldap machine suffix = ou=machines,...
and so on

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